PGP Group is pleased to announce the official merger with Kaway Smart Card to create PGP KAWAY GROUP which will be the new brand of one of the most demanded producers in the Plastic Cards manufacturing Industry.
PGP GROUP is RFID and PLASTIC CARDS manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China with a Monthly capacity of 8M Laminated cards.
PGP GROUP is a Company focused on the manufacturing of RFID Cards, Magnetic Stripe Cards, Contact Chip Cards, Barcode Cards, Hotel Key Cards, Insurance Cards, Gift Cards, ID Cards, Cards with Hologram and other security features (OVI, UV, Guilloche, Micro Text, etc).
Competitive prices and High quality (products sold in more than 68 Countries, mainly Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Middle East).
Short Lead time (7/8 days of production up to 30,000 Laminated Cards 4+4 colors)
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